Need To Catch Up Yet. My Day Today, Plans For the Rest of the Week

Need To Catch Up Yet

I have not done any catching up yet as I had planned the other the day because I had a very, another very, busy day week.  I have something always happening everyday of the week now … so unlike my life before March 20th – March 23rd of this year.  Since my shower gal YE does not make it until 8 am this morning, I can do some catching up right now since time here in Wisconsin is 630 am right now.
My Day Today

I have my shower 8 to 915 am — actually I do not take that long of a shower, lol.  I have to do some personal grooming too of course, get dressed for the day.  I have about 5 hours to relax and watch a little bit before I have to go to the hospital to have my very 1st mammogram at 3 pm.  My ride will pick me up between 215 and 240 pm to get me there, and back.

This morning my bodybugg system told me it needed to be connected to my computer to update the depleting battery so the battery is now charging for the next few days.  I do not, not recommended anyway, wear my bodybugg system or watch in the shower.  Never have and never plan to.

Plans For the Rest of the Week

Except for my appointment this afternoon, cleaning and laundry on Tuesday, Weight Watchers Wednesday evening, Thursday is my organization day, and Friday is my grocery shopping day, and no church this coming Saturday, I really have no relaxation time until evening Wednesday and after all is done during the busy days I am always busy.  It looks like Saturday will be my relaxation day minus a breakfast/lunch date with my friend CB — if plans do not change by then.

So I have another fairly busy week once again.  Today, because of my afternoon appointment, I really am a busy gal these days.

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