Organization Progress

Today was my day to have my shower gal RK here from  9 to 1015 am, and my IDS DSP (Direct Support Professional) KP here to continue my organization skills.  When KP and I saw each other at the IDS picnic yesterday, we agreed to work on my bedroom this week, and so we did just that.  We worked on my bedroom today and now it looks like what a bedroom should for now.  Yay!  Nothing for me to trip over or have such a small space to get from place to place in there.  We even have dresser space on top of each dresser to put things  and I got rid of a few things.  It was a productive two hours and I believe we got a lot done in those two hours for one living space/corner of my apartment.  We even had a little bit of time to organize my computer desk drawer with more folders and put papers and things in their proper places,  I am looking forward to the rest of the afternoon and my weekend of relaxation and very little company.  I want to do some Bible study and reading, and catch up on some DVR recordings … long past overdue, lol … 7 weeks.

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