Hello & Good Morning, My Day Today, Long Nails Now, Catching Up On DVR Recordings, My Weekend Plans

Hello & Good Morning

Before morning does escape me, I thought I would say hello and good morning.  I have already had my breakfast and I am taking the rest of my morning hanging around here at home.  I went grocery shopping Tuesday so I do not have to go today with JP.

My Day Today

I am going to stay home for the most part of my morning.  I am not sure if I am going anywhere special outside my apartment today or this weekend.  I am not sure, yet, today, if I am going to have CSE down for a visit and let her get online today or tonight but since it is only a couple of hours before noon here, I might yet change my mind. At this time, early as it is for me now, I intend not to have CSE down tonight or tomorrow.  I need some time for myself right now.  I have my shower gal here  at 730 – 845 pm tonight anyway.  Because it happens to be a holiday weekend and I live nearby the Rock County Airport, I believe they will be having their airshow this weekend, and so a lot of plane noise will be going on.

Long Nails Now

I have not bitten my nails for a long time now – 2 months – and they are long … today.  I love them!  Being a finger nail biter for many years, quitting when I was 13 for a few years, I vowed to change my finger nail biting habits once again as of March 23rd and it has been a great change for me.  My shower gal, KB helps me keep my nails nice every Friday after my shower now since they are growing fast.  They have been staying out of my mouth.  I also have t admit, too, that it feels strange right now but I love them!  I have found it difficult at times with my growing nails when it comes to typing, punching in numbers on the microwave.  I have to remind myself to use the pads of my fingers now, lol … a constant reminder that is.

Catching Up On DVR Recordings

I have some catching up to do on watching TV now, lol.  I have been so busy everyday lately. This is one weekend I can catch up on some things without too much bother.  I have a lot of watching to do and today and tomorrow.

My Weekend Plans

I have no major plans this weekend other than going to church on Sunday with the family I have been getting a ride to church every weekend since the weekend of April 13th – 15th,  We have been studying and reading Galatians and I have not missed a messages regarding Galatians every since I have started.

Due to fact that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I will be seeing my shower gal KB tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, since YE will not be here on Monday due to the holiday.  Even my other professional helpers will be off of work that day.  I also believe that we will be having an airshow going on at our little Rock County Airport this weekend so noise will be happening all weekend at certain times.  I am not really in for the noise but I do live down the way from the airport but I do enjoy seeing the planes they have going in the airshow they come flying this way above the trees and building.

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