Memorial Day Thoughts – A Quickie

I do have to admit that I am glad to have a little time for myself this weekend, this day.  No shower today because it is a holiday so I will see YE next Monday at 8 am.  I took the weekend and did not see CSE at all but that will change tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Today would have been my grandparents anniversary if they were alive.  I wore their rings all month in honor to my grandparents and I will again wear the rings again in July to honor my grandpa’s birthday the 25, and again in October to honor my grandma’s birthday.  If my grandparents were still alive today, it would be their 74th wedding anniversary – grandpa would have been 100 and grandma would have been 93.  Due to ill health they died in 1997 at 78 and at age 91 in 2003.  Grandma died before Grandpa.  When my grandparents married in 1938, it was two days before Memorial Day that was official 30 years later.  Memorial Day was proclaimed it’s day officially on May 5, 1968 by General John Logan.

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