Today is Sunday and this morning, in about a half an hour I am heading to church.  I have been going to church every weekend – Sunday – since April 15th and we – I believe – we are still hearing from the pastor Galatians.  I have NOT missed a weekend sermon since the 15th, and to be very honest, I thought i was going to be spending an hour or so finding my keys in the apartment somewhere outside where they get hung up because by this morning I totally forgot exactly where I put them yesterday after roaming about the apartment building visiting my upstairs neighbor B – the neighbor who lives right above me – because she wanted to tell me her woes and why she has been upset with a neighbor who lives down the hall from her.  Anyway, I did find them and was able to find a few minutes to write in my diary here before heading out the door to go wait for my ride to go to church.  I hope we are still studying and learning about Galatians.  Pastor TE has gotten me on fire for the Lord now since April 15th!  Woo hoo!

After I get home from church, I will have  about three to four hours – unless we do not have Sunday School this morning after the service, before KB comes at 5 to 615 to help me with my shower this evening since I am allotted 6 days a week of showers and tomorrow is Memorial Day. YE will not be here tomorrow.  If I did not call Rescare a couple of weeks ago to see about getting my 6th day or evening shower in, I would be without a shower from Saturday to Tuesday and I can not really have that.  I love my 6 showers a week.  After 615 pm tonight, my apartment, the rest of the weekend is mine.  I have not had CSE down at all this weekend yet and plan on not having her down at all this weekend.  I have been so busy lately that I need some time without too much company around right now and this weekend is the best weekend for it.  I am getting a lot done for once.

Well … I have to head out and I will be back later today hopefully.  God bless!

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