Voted Today

Today I went to the polling place I was to go to and I voted. I am glad that it is over.  Watching the commercials about Walker and Barrett were driving me crazy and everything about the commercials were just downright cut downs of each person running for governor and this was the day we voted for the right person to be governor because it was there was a recall this year.  I learned that Walker won the spot and will continue as Governor of Wisconsin for the next two years.  Many people were for and against Walker and many people were for and against Barrett.  I know my vote counted and apparently Walker won the spot by 179,004 votes more than Barrett. Many people are happy and many people are not.  I have always found voting for the right person hard to do in my life because politics is one hard thing to understand.  I prefer the heavenly government over the earthly government anyway because one day God will destroy the earthly government one day soon.  Jesus’ 2nd coming is on its way yet.

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