With Voting Done For the Governor Now, Now We Have the Presidential Stuff Going On

Now with the recall election over with and Walker has not been recalled as a lot of people had planned, I do have to admit that now for the next few months, until it is time to vote for the right President of the United States, the back lashing has begun.  So many people want President Obama out of office and so many people want him to win another four years.  It seems that no one in particular is happy with anything anymore.  It can drive one person crazy and straight into the nuthouse.  This is why I do not like to talk about politics, religion, and sex unless it is among friends and family.  I am not politically inclined like a lot of people are but I know what I see and hear could and could not true.  When it comes to politics, religion, and sex, many people are very touchy about such things.  AARRGG!

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