I have been attending Weight Watchers ever since April 4, 2012 now and today I weighed in at 223.2 lbs.  I am definitely very happy with my results.  Going down slowly but surely and enjoying my new eating lifestyle.  I lost 5.6 lbs since last month and was at 228.6 lbs the 1st week of May.  It was a little discouraging because I had gained a pound back but I am now going back down.

I do not consider what I am doing is a diet but a new lifestyle in eating.  Eating better and counting points and eating what I should in a day.  This coming Friday, when I go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, I am going to look into their Weight Watchers candies provided by Whitmans (sp?) Candy that was seen in tonight’s Weight Watchers weekly.  My leader told me where to find the candies and so I am going to go down the candy aisle and go from there.

I feel okay tonight.  Yay!

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