Another Vent

Once again a certain name will remain out of this entry and I do have to say I have a very good reason to leave this name out.  I will just say that I am dealing with the same person I vented about yesterday in my last “venting” entry.  I do have to admit that I am still very unhappy with her and i wish she would stop gloating that she has errands to run and see her grandma,  and that she is not taking her phone with her and that it will be shut off, and her husband will not have his phone with him. I DO NOT need to know her every detail of her busy schedule or  weekend, or the fact that she is busier than I am.  I could care less these days.  She loves to gloat and cause friction between people because she still loves to deal with drama in her world with all of her friends.  I have been busy here today ALL day long and this is the 1st time I have been online all day since this morning before my shower gal RK came and then at 10 am to 12 noon I had KP came over to help organize a couple of things, finding that we had time to organize a two tier bookshelf, a computer desk cabinet, and my DVD and book shelf.  I got rid of some books and we took a box of papers and items that were recyclable.  We even moved my DVD and book shelf from one place to another and away from the heater alongside that wall.  We have made progress.  After doing some organization, KP and I took stuff to the recycle bin outside and we walked to her car to take the box of donated books that I decided to give away.  After that, KP left and I took a walk around the block, then ate lunch, and now relaxing for the day.  I am wondering if the person I am not happy with right now is just a plain ol’ braggart and she has no plan on stopping.  She is one person who loves to be dramatic!


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