Friday Afternoon

With grocery shopping out of the way now, the food has been put away, I am now home taking it easy.  I have uploaded my food intake so far today – have to remember to do that as well as counting my points for Weight Watchers.  I do have to admit that it can be forgotten.  My bodybugg system needed to be charged up some anyway and I wanted to put in some information that was not yet put into the system online yet.  Honestly, if I do not do that every couple of days, I will go crazy in my world.  So now with it after the noon hour – not too much after 12 noon now anyway – I do have to admit that I am glad I have things taken care of for the weekend for the most part.  I just got done talking to the person who coordinates rides to church for me and we have that now set up for Sunday morning at 9 am.  I am so looking forward to the weekend.  The weekend is almost here.

More later…

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