Dallas is BACK! Yay!!!!

I have watched Dallas a little bit when I was on my own after moving out to be on my own in December 1989.  Of course with Dallas going off the air in 1991, I do have to admit that I was hooked on the show.  Who shot JR Ewing?  Bobby Ewing came back after being dead for a while?  While I was growing up, I watched the show a little bit when my mother would watch the show along with Falcon Crest, Cagney and Lacy, and a few other awesome shows.  Anyway, tonight in 2012, Dallas is back and JR Ewing, Bobby Ewing with a wife name Ann (no more Pamela Barnes Ewing)  Bobby’s son Christopher and JR’s son John Ross, Jr, are fighting for the rights of Southfork Ranch, and JR Ewing is up to his nasty tricks fighting for the ranch, and  Bobby and JR are going behind each other’s backs fighting for the ranch.  Christopher is newly married, John Ross wants to drill for oil on the Southfork property but Bobby Ewing is against it, and Christopher is dealing with China regarding some gas.  John Ross and Christopher, cousins want different things regarding the property of Southfork.  Bobby Ewing has gastrointestinal cancer and is dealing with a lot of pain.  JR is dealing with clinical depression living in a medical resort or sanitarium.  The Ewing clan is at war once more regarding Miss Ellie’s estate.  Barbara Bel Geddes played Miss Ellie Ewing and Jim Davis played Jock Ewing and back in the late 70s and 80s until 1991, the Ewing clan were at war with the Barnes family.


The show is back and I hope it is on for a long time.  I love Dallas.  It is time to see the drama of a dysfunctional family fighting for the birthright of Southfork.  At this time, from the 1st episode, John Ross does not have any respect for her dead grandmother Miss Ellie.  Oops!  The war continues in Dallas at Southfork Ranch.  Oh Oh, lol.

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