Semi-Busy Day Today For Thursday, June 14, 2012

I had a busy day today – semi-busy to be very honest here.  I had my shower at 830 – 945 am, and then KP came to help me organize more in my apartment.  We tackled the 3rd, the biggest, bookshelf and I got rid of a few books that I no longer needed or wanted, and we rearranged the bookshelf to some extend – nicer. We put all of my Christian materials in the computer desk cabinet.  After KP left at noon, I took a quick walk down both 1st floor hallways, and then came home after saying hello to the manager who returned from getting lunch and bringing it back to eat.  The back door of our building seemed to be busy this afternoon for a few minutes, lol.  I stayed home the rest of the day and invited CSE down to eat supper with me.

HE Needs To Stop But She Does Not Understand …

I have not been friends with HE for a very long time now. We no longer have anything in common and I wish not to have anything to do with her anymore period.  She tried calling me this evening and I did not answer the phone.  I did not appreciate her calling me but I did not get upset.  I just wish not to talk to her anymore.  Because of her illness, she does not understand that I do not want nothing to do with her anymore.  Our lives are different today.  I had to walk away from repetitive problems and negative people.  HE is not negative but I do not want nothing to do with her anymore.  I have to just let the phone ring and not answer it when she calls.  I cannot sweat the small stuff because it is all small stuff.  Before March 23rd I can, admittedly, say that it would have upset me that she would call me and today, after March 23rd, I am working on bettering my life emotionally and physically, and mentally by being more positive in my life – world.

HE called twice and the first time the phone rang, I saw who was calling and took and answered the phone and hung up on her, but she did not get the message and tried calling again.  I did not act like a Christian at the moment but I did not want to talk to her because we are two different people today and we always will.  I am not very fond of HE anymore and hearing about her seizures every time she calls is no fun and there is, supposedly, nothing her doctor can do.  I am finding it very difficult to believe and so I have found myself in need to walk away from her and have walked away from several people because of negativity and their attitudes not being Christian when they have professed to be Christians.  Now, my action tonight hanging up on her was not nice and not what a Christian would do but if I told HE to stop calling me, she would be calling me back in a few weeks again anyway.  She does not understand.

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