The Rest of My Evening and Weekend Plans

The Rest of My vening

I had my shower from 730 – 845 pm, and now I am all ready for bed for the night.

Weekend Plans

I have no plans tomorrow.  I am not going to have CSE down this weekend and will talk to her again tomorrow on the phone and see her again on Monday.  No church this Saturday or next due to Camp Meeting 2012 at Camp Wakonda Campgrounds for the next two weeks starting this weekend, and I do plan on going to church tomorrow at Bethel Baptist Church.  Our Senior  Pastor is on Sabbatical for the summer so we are going to have speakers and other pastors speaking while our Senior Pastor is gone for the summer.  I have not missed church since April 13th, the week after Easter.  I am looking forward to going and being among other fellowshippers and friends.

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