My Saturday

I do have to admit that ttoday has been more of a relaxing day for me.  With my afternoon shower taken and ready for the rest of my afternoon and evening, I am getting psyched about going to church tomorrow, Sunday, and hearing what our speaker, a church member has to say.  I am looking forward to going.  My ride to church has been confirmed earlier today and now I am wondering what the sermon is going to be about,  We will see.


As for the rest of my day, I did not do much of anything outside the apartment today because the weather got to 90 degrees today.  It was hot but I did what I could while in the apartment all  day long.

I am planning on going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am planning on calling my dad to wish him a good Father’s Day and thank him for everything he has helped me with the past few weeks since I started Weight Watchers.

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