The Best Birthday Ever!

Okay, today I turned 42 years old. I saw my dad’s wife today and we went to Whitewater to see Grandma SB, had lunch at a place called Jessica’s, then we went back to Grandma SB’s for a while before my dad’s wife SGK brought me back home and saw my place and met Bing Crosby the cat.  She thought that Bing was a very pretty cat and that his eyes were just so beautiful.  SGK loves cats and dogs both and has two dogs and two cats.  Dogs: Maggie and Saddie.  Cats:  Sophie and PK.  I believe PK is shortened for Pretty Kitty.  She is one pretty kitty for sure and Sophie is a tabby.  Maggie is an older dog and SGK said that she is not going to be around much longer because she is getting older and slower.  We do not know, as far as Sadie goes what breed she really is but I can tell you that you can not tell what end is what because she is so curly and her fur seems to look unruly until you see a pink tongue sticking out of her mouth.  Her eyes are just as black as her fur, lol.  She is a rambunctious little thing that can jump to and from high places in one leap.  I did not get to meet the animals this time but I got to see Grandma SB and SGK.  SBK gave me the best birthday present ever just by taking and going to see Grandma SB and spending time with her.  It was an amazing birthday!

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