The Fourth of July

Okay, right now I have a major migraine and I do not feel that great and have thrown up a couple of times already.  I went to the parade with my friend SJ in Milton today and had lunch at his sister and BIL’s place.  It was very hot and yucky outdoors and the temps reached it’s highest at 104 or so.  I did enjoy the parade and the food I ate but I can surely admit that the brats I ate did not agree with me because I have been eating a better eating lifestyle for a while now – since April 4, 2012 when I began Weight Watchers.  Combination of heat and greasy, rich food, really did me in.  So I am going to head off for the night and come back tomorrow or Friday.  My migraine needs attention right now and I need to rest right now.  God bless!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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