The One Place In My Life

I really do not have a whole bunch of time to write this morning but I did give myself some time before getting ready to go to church.  I feel I almost overslept but forced myself to get up and start waking up before I left for the morning and afternoon because I do have a busy day today and a semi-busy day tomorrow.  So here I go and express what needs to be expressed this morning before I head off doing what needs to be done …

I am only one person who can do so much for other people so I tend to stay close to home most days now and go out when necessary and visit friends when I see them or go see them in the building.  I have a neighbor who lives above me and I love her to pieces – along with her dog Sport.  I  feel she is the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since we have met and got to know each other better as the weeks grew into months and more days yet to follow.

Anyway …

Why did I leave such a title as The One Place In My Life for today’s Dear Diary entry?  I have two reasons why I have such a title.

1.  My Christian Faith

is one place I love to be in when I study the Bible Scriptures and do Bible studies, go to church every Sunday and every Saturday whenever the Pastor and his wife can come and pick me up.  I feel that being around other strong Christians, who also have their struggles in life somewhere, like me, can help strength my faith to know, understand, and learn more about God.

2.  Dear Diary

 is another place I love to be because I can express, share, and bring my world to other Dear Diarists, my life I want to share.  I enjoy writing, or blogging as so many other people would say, and have ever since I was a little girl.  It seems that writing, even though it has been taught and changed throughout the years of my life and is not in my blood, has become one of my most favorite things to do.  I could sit on a computer all day surfing the web, being on Facebook, and studying God’s Word all day, but I do have to, whenever I can in my busy 7-day week schedule, write too.  I do not know if I will ever become an author for any books like Laura Ignalls Wilder or John Grisham, and Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol, but I can be a writer here of some sort and help others whenever possible.  The only thing about being here is that I will tell like it is and go from there.  My world is what I live and I do not mind sharing it with other Dear Diarists who share what they share for their reasons and writing in such a fine place as what Dear Diary is.

I have to go and sign off for now but I do plan on writing more later or tomorrow.  God bless and everyone here at Dear Diary have a great day and wishing you all a good weekend even though it is Saturday now.

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