My Sunday

I got up a little after 6 am.  My neighbor upstairs BS was up at that time because her Sport pup had awakened her, lol.  I decided to relax a little while more so I could wake up enough to get started for my day.  I looked at my Bible study for this week for Sunday School class and also prepare myself for worship service.  I also had a little bit of time to get on Facebook for a while, and then I got ready for church.

My ride picked me up and I went to church and Sunday School, came home and relaxed with Bing Crosby the cat watching TV and just taking it easy for the day doing my exercise/walking in the apartment.  The weather is a little cooler than it has been all last week – thank goodness.

Tomorrow begins a new “work” week for me.  I am going to say good night and God bless.

Author: ksmiley

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