It Pains Me But I Feel It Had To Be Done

For a while now my heart had not been feeling that a friendship was true anymore.  I have felt that I was not accepted entirely in this friendship because I repeat myself a lot and it annoyed this friend of mine too much.  I dislike the idea of being blamed for something or some things I know I did not do or saw I did wrong. I had to block two friends from my Facebook page as well as blocking them from being able to contact me from texting and calling.  I know I have invited retaliation in this case but I will not answer any phone calls or texts that slip through because of making the calls private calls.  I will not reply to any emails on line from this friend anymore either, or allow their friends to contact me … retaliation is childish.  The more my one, now not a friend, finds a way to talk to me and get others involved, I will not talk to her about why I blocked her and her husband.  I am not going to add fuel to the fire that has begun at any given time.

It dos pain me, yes, and my heart aches, but I won’t lose sleep over it at any given time.  I know late nights are coming up here but the weekend is not at all busy at all after Friday morning when I go grocery shopping.  I am going to take advantage of the Labor Day weekend and do what needs to be done since I will not going to be church at all this weekend.  I will return to church next weekend on 9th of September.  Everyone is busy this Labor Day weekend traveling about before school starts for many kids and this is a holiday weekend.

With this friend thing, I am going to live my life as I have been … just two friends less than I had hoped to be very honest here.

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