I Was Right

Last night I knew that the next several hours would depict what was going on between me and JSL because this morning I got a Facebook message stating that she was ticked at me and she went on and on about how she did not get to see our friend JRT because by the time they got in contact by phone JRT and her husband JT were already back home.  She was also mad at me for yesterday for being snippy with her and not answering her back … I did have JRT call JSL but JSL did not answer her phone like we thought she would have.  So whatever transpired between JRT and JSL after I left is something I have no control over and I needn’t be blamed for it as I felt JSL was doing in her Facebook message.  So, even though I may have done so at spur of the moment and not going to allow her back on my Facebook page, deleted and blocked her, along with her husband because I know I will get hounded by messages from his Facebook page by DL and JSL will message me there as well causing me further away from her and not wanting to deal with her anymore.

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