She Does Not Get It Yet?!

It is very sad that JSL still is trying to get to me through friends on Facebook. I got a text by my dear friend RB this afternoon and a phone call a little while ago that JSL has wrote to her on Facebook and RB wanted me to know about it. Oh my… what pains JSL is taking to get to me and in the process I am finding out. I am still not adding fuel to the fire she has started and wanting to work things out. She has burned her bridges with me this time and I do have to admit that she has burned bridges many times with me and last week was the last bridge. The more people she gets involves, the more I do not want anything to do with her because she has been retaliating and I do not like people who retaliate to get their way. She has grown up a lot in the past few years I have known her but she has some growing up to do in some areas yet. I have decided not to have her as a friend anymore because of the friction that has happened off and on during our relationship and deleting and blocking her from Facebook was one way to get her out of my life.

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