It’s Finally Over!

I am so glad … now … even though there is pressure about tomorrow looming ahead in my mind but I believe I am just about ready … that my friendship with JSL is completely over and done. She does not want to be friends with me anymore so now I can rest. I DO NOT want to be friends with her anymore. I did not lose sleep over the whole time but I do have to admit that not knowing what JSL’s next move was was the only problem I had. The last person she had tried, but failed, to get information from, was my friend RB and then her friend KW. I was not impressed whatsoever. I do not even know, to be very honest here, if KW really tried calling and texting me, or it was JSL was using her cell phone. I was still unimpressed. I was actually very mad about it because when the phone rang, it rang once and then stopped. To be very honest, I wish I saved JSL’s email, her last one, and shared with my caseworkers. She was rude and nasty I actually found it laughable and practically stupid! I did not even get the chance to write her and tell her I needed a break from our friendship for a while but after what happened on Monday, I could not even find the right words hours or so later. I just can not allow our friendship to continue any longer. I was getting tired of apologizing for things I know I did not do or say. Our relationship was not, anymore, compatible. I needed to walk a different path. It is finally over.

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