Remembering Wednesday & Thursday


When I had found out about our 1st in-house inspection … I have not left my apartment much today … NMS and CSE both came in and NMS told CSE to tell me what was going on. When I had learned of the inspection being about only … a little over 12 hours … away, I though “oh boy!” I did become more anxious as the night closed and sleep was not very easy to find right away but CSE popped in and out helping me with a couple of things that needed to be done. I am ALWAYS IMPRESSED with CSE’s help and understanding about things. I believe, if she was not here in my life, I would not have handled things as smoothly … remembering I panicked in the past regarding inspections. Anyway, I had, along with doing things to clean my apartment, I had to do what I needed to do outside the worry I was feeling inside me and live my life as normally as possible. It is not easy when anxiety plays a role in my life. I am very happy, in the long run, though, that I do not live with anxiety everyday of my life I have done so for years. Some people in my life understand what it is like for me and others do not understand. Yet, I still live my life the way I need to. A moment of anxiety happens from time to time and that is the way it goes and now I can deal with it.

It’s a late night and I am heading to bed here shortly. I have a busy Thursday and I do not know what time my inspection is. I just have a busy day … living my life normal as possible … no matter what goes on in it. I called my worker who helps me with organizing my home so it is more habitable to let her know that an inspection is happening in the morning and I still want her to come over.


With Wednesday now past, I do have to admit that staying up late last night was not the best thing in the world to do. My shower gal. RK came by at 9 am as planned and helped me with my shower, got my dressed for the day, and then KP got here by 10 am. RK left and KP and I talked for a while and there was a knock on my door – KR and our new property manager have arrived to inspect my place. I sat and waited, asking questions along the way, holding my breath – abated breath, lol – and my property manager gave me a couple of suggestions on rearranging my TV and get it away from the window so, in case of a fire, the window was an easy access like my bedroom windows had become the night before during a quick pick up session. There was no way I was not going to fail inspection. The only thing I found out is, the toilet needs to be fixed and the TV needed to be taken care of. When KR and our property manager left, KP and I took care of the TV and moved my end table next to the air conditioner, and then KP left … leaving me to defend for myself and I did a lot of walking and visiting other neighbors either in the lobby or in their homes. I even took care of my finances by paying my phone, electricity, and cable bills, and relaxed the rest of the afternoon and evening with CSE here for a while.

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