My Monday

Yep, it is another Monday. The weather at this hour of the morning – not too early anyway – 9 am is about 60 degrees – a little chilly for this September morning for me, lol. There isn’t anymore summer weather here in Wisconsin and that is okay as long as it does not get super cold just yet.

Today is not a real big day. My Mondays are not usually big days for the most part of my week unless I have something planned outside my afternoon shower and CSE coming down for a visit and working on her project – co-authoring a book about someone who she happens to be related to Colonel Elmer E Ellsworth. (oops, gave what her last name is, lol). I am not sure if CSE will come down tonight for awhile but I do believe we said 7 pm or so. That girl is working hard on her project right now. I enjoy her being down here every night.

As for right now… I am just chilling out here and catching up on my journaling for the time being and believe it or not, I do have to say, I have a lot to say but do not know how to say it right now. I am very serious. Last week was okay and I managed just fine and walking away from JSL and her husband was the right thing for me to do with all that has been going on in my world and her world. We are not compatible friends anymore and I do not have to worry or hear about her being annoyed with me anymore. My friendship with her is completely over and that is exactly what we both want and I am glad of it. Now I do not have to feel I am walking on egg shells with her anymore… yay! I have better things to do with my time and life and I do not have to hear about how annoyed she is about so and so and the next person she gets upset with. Telling me that she hopes that karma will one day bite me in the butt yet was not a threat but I believe it will bite her in the butt herself and I believe it already did. I am sick and tired of drama queens and she was definitely one of them deleting and blocking so and so off her page and then creating a new facebook account and then re-adding those she deleted… that gives me the ammunition knowledge of she liking drama herself.

Now, on with my day…

To other things.

Talking about certain people who are no longer my friends wears me out very fast these days, lol.

Later… God bless.

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