A Semi-Busy Day

I do have to say that I did not have a super duper busy but usually my Wednesdays are not. I did have my shower gal here from 1030 to 1145 am, and then I had my Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting at 5 and 530 – 600 pm, and then home the rest of the day. I did have CSE over for a while tonight but she did not show up until almost 9 pm but she did get here before 9 pm to give what Bing wanted – attention – lol. She was able to work on her things on her computer/laptop. CSE brings a lot of help to me and other good people around here that I allow her to use my internet as a return for being such a big help to me and my kitty Bing. Anyway, I am getting tired and need to go to bed. Good night and God bless.

I lost .2 lbs today.

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