Today, My Sunday…

Since my day was somewhat boring yesterday until my friend CSE came down, spending the night until practically 730 am this morning, I do have to admit that my weekend was definitely okay for the most part. I went to church this morning at Bethel Baptist Church … “” … and saw my friend SW and her husband MW who sit next to me at church when they come. I did not see them last weekend. SW must not have been feeling well. The sermon was excellent and after worship and fellowship, I went to Sunday School or what they call growth groups, then I came home. Going to church fulfills my weekends and I enjoy the worship and service, and fellowship with other members of church, and the time to study God’s Word – the Bible – every week with others even though I study and read Scripture daily here at home on my computer(s) or cell phone. I use“” all the time and yet use a Bible at church every week as well and daily here at home. CSE and I came up with a new idea for my bedroom now that I have a new bed … we have a TV tray table to put my stuff on instead of using my walker where things can fall off more easily because it moves easily sometimes, lol. Today was not at all boring … thank goodness … but it seems that Saturdays can be boring.

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