A Very Busy Week

I have been super duper busy lately and I have had little time to really say much in what is needed to be said because of the fact I have been super duper busy these days. I do not have a whole lot of time to think of what gets me all mad, sad, or insecure now – at the moment. I am a social butterfly it seems even though I am pretty much a stay at home kind of gal unless I have somewhere to go and things to do, and places to visit. Like today, I had my shower at 9 am to 1015 am, cleaning and laundry, and then an appointment with my counselor and MM my caseworker at IDS. I have had a busy day and was out and about today getting some fresh air. I do not have a whole lot to think about that is not happy in my world even though some things are creeping in and out quickly at times. I cannot even remember the last time it took me to have face to face contact with someone anymore. Things have changed in my world for the better and I have not been happier. I sit and think, even though I got a message on Facebook by a friend of my page – a member of the church I go to, of how one headache has been dismissed out of my life for good. Now one person can talk about me behind my back all she wants and I never have to hear about her complaints and hear her say this and that about me. Woo hoo. One major headache has been lifted off my shoulders and heart. Yay!

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