The Busiest Day This Week!

I really do not have time to say much right now/ My shower girl RK will be here anytime now. I also have a very busy day ALL day long. JE is coming at 1130 am to help with laundry and make vegetarian lasagna this weekat , and clean. Then at 230 pm I have an appointment at the Job Center down the street until 430 pm unless appointment gets done sooner. After that, KP is picking me at 430 pm to take me to my Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting. I have a busy day today and today is the busiest of all this week. I still have my organization day tomorrow and grocery shopping Friday. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend coming now. By Friday, after my shower, I will be glad the weekend has finally arrived. Today I am feeling a little overwhelmed so I am doing what I can to not feel it so much.

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