A Different Thursday

I found ouot yesterday that KP was not going to be here today and JE would be here will take her place. She got here and we did what we wanted to do for the bathroom and she cleaned today instead of yesterday. For some reason I do not feel very satisfied with the organization of the bathroom shelves so I will talk to KP about it Wednesdday when she picks me up for Weight Watchers on October 17th.

Today I am feeling a little overwhelemed and tired, and definitely sluggish. I do not feel like doing anything unless I am prodded to do so like this afternoon when JE was here organizing my bathroom shelves of towels and such. I know my monthly is coming and that could be the reason for my feeling like so. Sorry men! I am, despite the feeling I have today, I am doing what I need to do but not too enthusiastically right now. I am looking forward to going grocery shopping tomorrow, though and that is a plus. I have not totally lost the whole sense of reality yet and should never do so again. I will be okay, though.

I am hoping that ny schedule of my week will return back to normal next week.


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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