Not a whole lot is happening today.  I have JE coming at 8 am and then my shower will be here this afternoon, and then I have the rest of the weekend to myself until Sunday morning.

I have a whole lot to say right now but I do not have or should I say, the right words to say what is necessary to fill my page full of what is on my mind right now.  You see, even though this is a public place for others to be able to read my thoughts and feelings, some of my thoughts for this week are private and only a few select people know how I feel right now.  My thoughts began Wednesday and are still continuing today of all days.  I can say this, though… even though I do not speak to my PA family anymore, I do have to admit that I am learning to accept things the way they are now and that my brother’s wife was right several years ago.

I will stop there and go on with my life the way I see is happy and constructive and not worry from this forward even though it is easier said than done these days or any day in particular.

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