Coming Back

I am a little off track with my schedule here at home and so I have had to take a small break from writing in my diary for several days,  The holidays, around Thanksgiving through to the New Year seem to take a little hiadus without my knowledge sometimes.  Emotions are raw, ripe, and good all at the same time for sure from Thanksgiving through to January 1st of the New Year.  I cannot believe that the year 2013 will be here very soon!  Only so many days before Christmas now and it is amazing!

I do have my tree up and decorated as old as the tree really is now and it no longer has a limb at the top of the tree anymore.  Decorations are on and around it to make it as Christmasy as possible around here.  My worker KP and I put it up last Thursday for something to do.  It is an old artificial tree but it sure does hold its purpose these days.  I really know the true meaning of Christmas, though.

I am feeling that my schedule needs to get back on track before it gets so way off track that my world crashes into a state of confusion and more tears and not sure if my meds are working properly.  I really need to keep myself on a schedule that works for me and keep it going,  Changing it from day to day does not work for me.  Anxiety plays a role in this and I want to have less anxiety.

More later!!!


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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