I Need My Weekly Schedule Back!

AARRGG!  Today, because there was hardly any food in the house, my worker JE and I went to the grocery store, the bank, and back home today.  We did two loads of laundry this afternoon.  We even cooked chicken in the crock pot for meals for the week.

But I need my weekly schedule back!  I need to get back on track and not bouncing from one day to another making arrangements because someone can not make it on the scheduled day.  Honestly, I am just totally frustrated today and I told JE and my program coordinator at IDS that they are going to have to deal with whatever mood I have that particular day if my schedule gets pushed around.  I am one person who has a set schedule for a reason and if one thing is set somewhere else, I get frustrated and confused if it happens too often and it has been happening for a long time now.

I need my weekly schedule back!!!!!

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