My New Years Eve

I have no major plans.  No parties to go to.  I wish not to go to any New Year  parties anymore.  No company tonight.  I am a little frustrated with my friend CSE when we got together on Sunday and within a half an hour or so she had to go upstairs.  This was around 430 pm and I told her that she should pack up her stuff she brought down with her because I could not sit and wait for her to come back downstairs not knowing what time she would be back.  I even mentioned that I couldn’t wait until 8 pm for her to come back down.  I was frustrated and hurt and I could not talk to her about it at the time.  Havikng her pack up her stuff she brought with her might give her some clue and leave but I am not sure about it.  Okay… I am venting and getting off track here at the moment is what is happening so I better get back on track now.


I decided to watch Mystery Woman and Perry Mason ‘made for TV’ movies and spend New Years Eve alone with Bing Crosby the cat today.  Tomorrow IDS and Catholic Charities will not be open, and I won’t have sower until Wednesday even though I had one this morning at 9 am.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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