This Will NEVER Happen Again

I do have to admit that I had experienced something so odd and of a nature I will never want to experience ever again.  What happened will NEVER happen again in my home.  While I was in my bedroom around 6 am and my friend CSE was still here working online as she does most often.  All of a sudden I heard strange talk come out of CSE’s mouth and it did not sound like her at all,  What was said was not understood but it surely made the hair on my neck stand straight up.  It was evil coming out of CSE and it scared me to the point of telling her she had to go home,  Even since, I have been afraid of having her in my home allone and it will remain that way from now on until I have my place cleansed through Scripture because I believe CSE is possessed with a demon of some sort.  It was similar to Harry Potter being able to speak to snakes that is called parselmouth that is not a good thing for a good wizard but it was much more deeper and darker coming from CSE.

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