The First Day of the New Year

I do have to admit that I have had no major plans for the day except to watch siome ‘made for TV’ movies such as Perry Mason and Mystery Woman, and other Christmas programs that have yet to be watched.  I will be deleting some of the Christmas shows before too long whether I watch the movies – a select few will remain. I have a lot of recirded TV shows and movies to watch already.

Okay… Plans changed slightly but I am still at home enjoying my evening.  I found myself with two others enjoying the evening chatting, watching TV, getting online, and just having fun wiithout the wild party thing going on.  I really dislike parties that get out of hand or so much is going on at once that it makes my head spin.  I have not gone to a New Years party for years now.  All in all, I had fun.  Too much fun I have to say.  Oops!  No drinking or anything but found myself having my second wind and wide awke before midnight is all that happened to me once again when I did not sleep well last night!!!

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