Plans Today

Today is the day I have a Direct Support Professional come.  I no longer have JE any longer and have not had her for a while now – almost two months.  I have NZ now.  We are going to some cleaning this morning and then this morning around 1130 or 12 noon we going grocery shoppng because I could not go this past Friday due to extreme cold temperatures being below 0 and the wind chill being very cold.  I also have my shower at 9 am to 1015 this morning and my nurse from Rescare is coming at 10 am for a review on how things are goings.  She comes every two months and those two months come and go quickly without even noticing, lol.  I will be glad that the afternoon is all mine and my cat Bing Crosby’s after everyone leaves today.  Sometimes my days get filled and I cannot wait until the day is over or the day has a calm for awhile.  For some reason I have always been that way.

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