This week has NOT started out the best … that is why I have been absent.  Still fairly busy but laying low because because I have a cold virus and this week I am NOT going anywhere.  I talked to my doctor’s nurse this morning, after calling her last night in regard to my cold and wanting something stronger than an OTC medication cough syrup if possible.  I will be getting my medicine today as the fax has been sent over to my pharmacy this morning.  Thank goodness!  I have been feeling blah and laying low and hoping it does not settle into my lungs and become pneumonia again like I had a couple of years ago around this same time.

So… I have a DND on my door at this time but I am allowing my professional workers into my home to help me clean, do laundry, make dinners, help with showers, and the like that my workers do.with and for me here at home and outside the home.  I am glad I got a hold of my doctor and was able to speak to the nurse – briefly of course – so I can be taken care of.properly … in hopes the medicine will work its charm on me.  Having this ugly cold is not fun at all.

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