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I am NOT going anywhere today but I have people coming today.  In fact, a few minutes ago the maintenance man just left after replacing my bathroom fan that was making so much noise a couple of weeks ago.  Now, I have a new fan in the bathroom again.  Quieter, too.  Yay!  I have called find out if my cough syrup has been faxed to the pharmacy and it has so now I just have to wait for P, the delivery driver for the pharmacy to bring it over so I can start taking it.  I do not feel so good right now.  This cold has made me feel sluggish even though I am going about my business as usual and as best I can.  I am in my bedroom.  KP is coming over today to help prepare meals instead of going to Weight Watchers tonight.  With my cold, I can not go anywhere for the time being until I get some medicine in me that will take care of my cold.  I have asked CSE to come down today to help me out a bit and stay overnight since I am getting some medicine with codeine in it.  She will be here soon, I hope.  She’s here now…

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