Okay… time to get very serious here.  I am glad that Dear Diary is back up and running after having a small problem earlier today but when I got on to see what was going on, I had found someone had written a comment that DID NOT make any sense to my diary entry of the day the comment was left for.  I consider that weirdness and yet very rude writing such comments about not writing about yourself and what your beliefs are as well as about anxiety and depression.  I did not even get what this person was trying to say.  The word try is a failure word and this person trying to come across as intellectual but failed big time.  This person was an unknown person and I wish I saved the comment and shared it here now that I have deleted it – unapproved it – this evening after 7 pm.

To be very honest here, this is my place and I will share and write what I wish for as long as Dear Diary exists and see what other diarists have to say for themselves  I do care what is said and written to me in comment form but it does have to be appropriate and approved by me before I allow such comments to be added to my entries from day to day. That is for my peace of mind and safety as well as for those who read my diary entries from day to day or from time to time.  I just found it weird that I had gotten such a comment from a unknown person.  This place remains to be mine and if I share publicly or to my friends only is my choice.  I am glad we have freedoms.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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