Not Sure Why

I do not feel comfortable with a lot of people in my space anymore.  I have been noticing that lately when too many plans are made in my behalf on who is going to be here to do what they plan on doing at a certain time, it just gets me a little rattled and confused.  I have my people I can talk to and be with without feeling my space is being cramped and overcrowded and that is all good but it is not good all the tome either.  There is one neighbor, who I love dearly, and is a friend of CSE’s, I can not have her in my space.  Something about her just does not jive with me very well – sad I know.  Now, if I was at a party of some sort, and CSE’s neighbor and friend was there, I do not have a problem with her being a part of the party.  I love how she can get the party going.  She is a good neighbor.

I have my issues I am dealing with on a daily basis and I have noticed that every time CD asks to come visit and see Bing, I am not doing so well emotionally and mentally.  I love CD very much and enjoy her company other times outside my home, but not in my space that is in  my home.  I am very choosy about that and have been more so lately.  CD has hurt my feelings more than once but that is not the problem.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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