The Last Day of February

I am so glad today is the last day of February!  I am so looking forward to Spring arriving and the sun and warmer weather to melt the snow on the ground hat we have.  I have, in my living room window, a large pile of snow I can see and it looks like children looking into my window in the dark of night the way the light shines in the direction of my apartment and it does look like something from a horror movie!  The parking lot is pretty much free of snow now and so the vehicles in the parking lot are almost all free of snow.  Yesterday I saw a tenant driving his vehicle to the middle of the parking lot and stop when snow was still on the windshield and windows!  The color and shape of the car, I thought it was our manager moving her car but found it was another tenant.  I called this person a ‘dumb cluck’ for doing such a silly thing as driving his car with snow yet on the windshield even the few feet the car went before the driver got out to take the snow of the windshield and windows.  We had a snowstorm on Wednesday through Thursday afternoon.  Schools were cancelled in our area yesterday but everywhere else, schools resumed!  Weird…

I am so glad that today is the last day.  A new chapter – a new month begins tomorrow.  YAY!  I am due to have my shower here n a few minutes so I better stop fiddling around online for a while and get going.  I have to have another bathroom break anyway, lol.

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