Keeping Busy As Always

I went grocery shopping this morning with LB, one of my former workers at IDS who used to help me clean and do laundry on Tuesday mornings.  It was nice seeing her and being with her again – I do miss her very much, too.  Anyway, we were talking on our way back to the building from Dollar General and I told her I have been very busy.  LB told me that it’s good that I am busy.  I have something I have everyday now-a-days — it seems.  I am keeping myself busy as always.  Even today I went shopping at 830 am at Pick-N-Save and Dollar General.  I have not been to Dollar General for a very long time and it surely has changed a lot. It was filled with inventory all over the place.  It was cramped actually.  I was super glad to get out of there when LB and I left.  I do not like going to Dollar General anymore anyway.

Now I am home watching recorded TV programs and taking a break here.  My shower gal will be here at 245 pm this afternoon.  I have church and potluck tomorrow and church again Sunday morning with growth group afterward.  So, right now, I do not have anything planned and I am taking it easy.

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