A Quickie

I am not here for very long but will be back.  I have an appointment and my ride will be here within 20 minutes to take me there.  Today I had my shower n the morning, got dressed, had bed made, dishes done, had taken my medications, and then went grocery shopping at 1030 at Woodmans.  Now I have been home for over a couple of hours and now have an appointment at 3 pm and leaving here in a few minutes to go to my appointment.  Today is now my busiest day of the week – this week since I have an appointment.  Next Monday will be my busiest day of the week since I have my morning shower, cleaning and laundry, and another appointment.  Today is counseling and next Monday is my foot doctor appointment.

I have to run for now but I will be back later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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