A New Week – My Monday

A new “work” week has started.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm, I have grocery shopping tomorrow morning after my 9 am shower, and then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing Crosby’s.  I have no Weight Watcher meetings until I can a ride to and from so that is out of the question for a few weeks.  Other than that, my week is pretty much in full swing.

Monday – shower, laundry and cleaning

Tuesday – shower, grocery shopping, and 3 pm appointment

Wednesday – shower

Thursday – shower, organization day

Friday – my day, shower

Saturday – church, shower …

Then a new week begins once again but this is my new week.  No more grocery shopping on Fridays and until I get a new direct support professional, my laundry and cleaning day has been moved to Mondays with KP.  I see KP twice a week now – Mondays and Thursdays.  She does not take me to Weight Watchers anymore and my friend SJ is moving to Iowa at the end of the month on the 26th so he can not take me to Weight Watchers after the 20th and on that day, the 20th, SJ has an appointment in Madison and may not make it home in time to take me.  I have to find another way to get there but I am not giving up on Weight Watchers at all.  Not being able to go Weight Watchers right now is a minor setback but only temporary … thank goodness.


I did not sleep well last night so I do not have a whole lot of energy right now at 10 am but I am going to manage just fine.  Today is still my cleaning and laundry day, and things are going to get done around here despite my lack of energy.  No complaints here.  It is my fault anyway because I did not get to sleep until after 1 am this morning and only had 6 hrs of sleep.  I was spending too much time on the computer, lol.  Yes, the internet is one place in my world I find very hard to get away from these days.  Facebook is a fun place to be.

Today, despite my lack of energy, I am not going to worry about taking a nap … I am going to stay up all day and go to bed early … hopefully.  When KP gets here, I am going to help a little bit but not a whole lot due to the energy level.  I am firing up my Bodybugg system from Apex Fitness, going to do some writing here and there, do my devotionals – 3 days behind and going to get caught up today.  I am going to stay in my bedroom for most of the day and only watch television while I am eating lunch and supper today.  I may watch a little Live TV as well but I am going to very little TV today.  My computer will keep me entertained today.

Today, I had awakened to it snowing and Spring is two days away.  I guess Winter is making up for last year when we did not get any snow and had Spring-like weather all Winter long.  According to the weather people we are expecting temps at 19 to 20 degrees on the 1st day of Spring this year.  I hope, but will accept it otherwise, that it warms up more than that and the weather people are incorrect.  We will have to wait and see.

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