Taking Control!

Please do not think i am crazy or being silly here but I am going to begin, start all over, with my life from this day forward.  I need to take control of my own life once again.  I need to take control of my life by not allowing certain people who are in my life affect my emotions like the other day.  I did ask my mother the question “Did you know that your husband got on your Facebook page?” and I never got an answer back except that she was running late, and no further discussion has taken place.  I still have that conversation still in the far reaches of my mind but I have decided to let it go for the time being.  I will get an answer to the question that will not satisfy my need to know anyway.  It is not that my mom is being mean or anything, it is just how such thing seem to irritate me about her husband.  I have to ignore him anyway.  I just do not like it when other family members have control of other family members Facebook page.  I understand, unless it is a child between 13 – 18, a parent has control of their child’s Facebook page.  My thought on two adults having control of each others Facebook pages does not please me too much!  So here I am, starting today, taking control of my life at how I react to people and their words, actions, and behavior.  I have to do this because no one else is going to help me take control of my life!

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