My Weekend Is Arriving

My weekend is ALMOST here but not quite yet.  It will be here soon. I have company over this weekend but right now she is doing her errands and things that need to be done for the day.  Right now I have the house to myself.  Okay, my house is actually an apartment, but it is my house, my place and my space.  Right now I am sharing my space with my friend CSE.  We lost a neighbor earlier this week and neither one of us wants to be alone entirely.  Losing someone in death is sad and both CSE and I grieving our way we only know how.  Having her here, to be able to get online, do her work, and whatever she does online.  Having her here has been great!  Yet, my weekend is yet arriving.  It will be here shortly.  I am looking forward to it — at least most of it.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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