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I do have to admit that, still loving it here at Dear Diary, I have been neglectful of my writing and keeping up pace with the days that have come and gone.  I have been busy and noticing that I do not have time for petty quirks in someone else’s day but my own petty quirks.  I am friends with certain people for a reason and that is the way it goes.  Where I live, it does matter who I associate with and why.  When it comes to other people getting into my world that are not accepted warmly like I would, it does make it a bit difficult for me sometimes.  That is one reason why I keep to myself and talk to specific people in my world.  I do not need anyone else’s problems because I have my own problems to deal with and that is the way it goes in my world.  I do not want to sound like I am one of the meanest people in the world here but I have my reason to be more private than I have ever been.  I do share what I want to share for a reason and that is the way it goes from this day forward.  Dear Diary is my home and it is where I will remain.


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