Life Goes On

I have the apartment to myself once more.  CSE picked up her cat and now they are back at their apartment up on the 3rd floor.  My place will be reorganized once again this coming Monday.  It is beginning to shape up once again.  Bing has a new litter box – sort of – and it is a litter box with a cover on it for more privacy.  It was Ethan’s littler box and now Ethan has a new litter box as well – a cover on it.  I like it.  I am not sure if Bing likes it but again we have not discussed it.

Now that we have our apartment to ourselves again, Bing and I are readjusting of having company here for a while.  I am not totally sure what to feel yet as my feelings are a little mixed up and I am readjusting.  It only has been one night without CSE here.  I will have to give it time to adjust to being alone again and see how I feel by Sunday – two days from now.

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