Over My Head

I have given it some thought that having CSE here for so long was not a very good idea.  This came to the point after my counseling appointment on Tuesday.  CSE is going back to her own apartment tonight and I will once again have my place to myself again.  Her cat Ethan will stay with me one more night because of the fact that she does not have a litter box yet.  Bing is getting Ethan’s old little box – a covered litter box.  CSE told me that she was going shopping sometime Friday with one of our real sweet neighbors.  I believe that having CSE here as long as I did made it more difficult for me than easy.  I was doing my best at helping her but it did not go as planned and helping had not gone anywhere anyway.  Now CSE has to help herself from here forward by not denying she is ill.  With her here, I have found some of her actions proof that she needs help and should be in the hospital but all I can do – to help her – is to pray for her.  So tonight is the first time i do not have her here.  It is quiet and Ethan is being quiet and good.

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