Now Is My Day Done?

The reason why I titled my entry “Now Is My Day Done?” is because I am still awake and catching up on my diaries before retiring for the night.  Today was my shower, organization day, and cooking  KP could not take me the bank this morning when she got here so she asked my caseworker MM at IDS if she could so we are going to do that tomorrow instead after my appointment.  At least I think it will be after my appointment and not before.  My appointment is at 445 pm at Genesis Counseling Services for a med check status.  I am so looking forward to Friday finally arriving and the weekend finally coming!  It has been a good week – not 100% – for me.  Tuesday was the best day I had so far.  Yesterday was okay, and today was fine.  The weather has been nice for the most part, and now that we have a new onsite manager here who started Monday, I do have to say I am very happy about that and I really like the new manager.  I know a couple of other people like her as well but I sure do miss our former onsite manager who left us on April 20th because of a new job.  But from talking to her online, KR is doing great.  I am definitely happy for KR, though.

My friend BS came by this evening for a few minutes and we chatted.  I returned her book back to her by Todd Burpo titled “Heaven Is For Real” that is about his son Colton and his near death experience and going to heaven seeing Jesus and angels, and family members who have passed away.  The story is wonderful.  BS has just left, leaving me to my own devices once again.  Anyway… BS and I talked about some things that were troubling me about CSE and both of us are going to pray for CSE’s emotional and physical health together on a regular basis.  This paragraph talking about a friend’s emotional health reminds me of a neighbor who lives in the building here who seems miserable and unkind to some of us tenants.  Her misery is affecting other tenants as well and wish her to move (At least I wish she would) or get help for her moodiness.  I do not know, because I do care, if this tenant MA has lost her happiness due to something  unpleasant happening in her life, but her moodiness needn’t affect other tenants because she gets on them about things.  MA is not a pleasant woman at all.  There are two tenants who she hangs around with here are her friends and I guess misery loves company at times.  It’s sad but I do not pity MA at all.  I will not give in to her misery, moodiness, and attitude. at all.  This is one person’s pity party I will not attend!  I will pray for her though.

I know I have mentioned this more than once the past several days about CSE not staying here and she is back in her own apartment again with her cat Ethan.  I am so happy to have my place back to myself once again and organized to my standards.  I do love CSE very much but it will be a while before she is going to stay overnight again,  I am going to have to change the rules a bit about having friends stay over from now on since CSE has gone home.  Movie nights are going to be scheduled and then company is going to leave or if they stay over, they are leaving right away the next morning without fail.  I do not mind having a roommate but it is not my thing.  I almost got in trouble, not by management here, but by those who work with me on a daily to weekly basis.  By writing this paragraph, I am reminding myself I have to make a phone call in the morning to my caseworker at Catholic Charities and touch basis with her (AH) before the weekend starts.

Now… here… my day is definitely done.  I was able to get out what has been on my mind for a long time now and now I can finally say good night and God bless.  It has been a fine day.  Tomorrow is going to be better.

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